Glenn Greenwald: Edward Snowden the NSA and US National Surveillance State

When Glenn Greenwald met an anonymous source in 2013 for The Guardian, he never imagined it would be NSA contractor Edward Snowden. No Place to Hide is the full story of what he learned about the government’s systematic spying, with never-before-seen evidence supplied by Snowden. Called an “impassioned new book” by The New York Times, Greenwald’s analysis of the political ramifications of The Guardian’s coverage (which earned a 2014 Pulitzer Prize for Public Service) raises questions about ethics, government activities, and what he believes is the current “toxic status” of the media. Co-founder of watchdog media outlet The Intercept, Greenwald is also the author of With Liberty and Justice for Some.
Thanks to: Seattle Town Hall, Haymarket Books and the Glaser Progress Foundation
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