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A top French official says a suspect in the Christmas market shooting has been killed in a shootout with police in Strasbourg, France.

A manhunt had been underway for days for the gunman who opened fire on Christmas shoppers, shouting Allahu Akbar – meaning “Allah is great” in Arabic – as he gunned down people.

French police were looking for 29-year-old Cherif Chekatt as their suspect. He has an extensive record in France and Germany with 25 cases against him and is considered an “extremist.”

Terrorist’ shot dead at Barcelona police station

It comes just days after a ceremony to remember those who died in twin terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils last year.

A suspected terrorist has been shot dead after attempting to attack officers with a large knife at a police station in Barcelona.

The man is said to have shouted “Allah is great” as he lunged at his targets, having gained entry to the station shortly before 6am by repeatedly pressing the buzzer at the security door and speaking to those inside over an intercom.

ISIS Terrorist Shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ After Murderous Rampage in New York

MANHATTAN, New York — New York City remains on high alert as the FBI and police investigate the deadliest terror incident to hit the city since the September 11th attacks.

Investigators say the suspect drove a Home Depot rental truck along a bike path on Manhattan’s lower West side Tuesday afternoon, hitting pedestrians and crashing into a school bus.

He killed at least eight people and wounded more than a dozen others, 11 of them seriously injured. The suspect is hospitalized as well after being shot and captured.

Muslim terrorist attacks Catholic Charities in Fresno, four shot

Three people are dead following a rampage by a terrorist shooter who shouted “Allah Akbar!” before he was arrested and taken into custody by police.

Van Driver in Barcelona Attack Is Killed by Police

New York Times

Two police officers in the area closed in and cornered the suspect, Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, along a road that winds its way up through this wine region west of the city.

As soon as they did, he opened his jacket to reveal what looked like a suicide belt — which turned out to be fake — and shouted, “Allah is great.” The officers shot him dead.

Allah is great and we are going to die killing, shouted one of the terrorists

By Isambard Wilkinson in Leganes and Anton La Guardia

12:01AM BST 05 Apr 2004

About a dozen children were playing football in the garden between the blocks of flats in Carmen Gaite Street in the multi-racial Madrid suburb of Leganes when the first shots rang out.

All around, plainclothes policemen were drawing their weapons to exchange fire with gunmen holed up in a first-floor flat nearby, shouting: “Get down on the ground! Everybody down!”

Jose, who was overseeing the football session, recalled: “I fell to the ground taking two of the boys with me.

“The police were shooting only 20 metres away. It was terrifying. They shouted for us to lie on the ground.

Between shots, the terrorists kept on shouting Allahu akbar [God is great] and Muslim chants. They were terrifying shouts.”

Crazed Nice lorry terrorist ‘shouted Allahu Akbar’ as he mowed terrified people down ‘like skittles’

Mohamed Lahouaiej Boisvert is alleged to have zig-zagged along the road in an effort to maximise the casualties

They shouted ‘this is for Allah’, as they stabbed indiscriminately’ – How the London terror attack unfolded

The attack came out of the blue and out of the night. Beneath the shadow of The Shard, Europe’s tallest skyscraper, terror hit Britain’s streets again.

At shortly after 10pm, a white B&Q van being driven at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour mounted the pavement at London Bridge and ploughed into pedestrians, knocking them down like skittles. Reports suggested some victims were thrown into the water of the Thames below. Others may have jumped in in an attempt to avoid the speeding vehicle.

One eyewitness spoke of the men shouting “this is for Allah” as they stabbed indiscriminately.

One eyewitness on London Bridge, told the BBC he saw three men stabbing people indiscriminately, shouting “this is for Allah”.

Police are undoubtedly going to be looking for associates and accomplices, but they do not believe that there are any more attackers on the loose.

‘Allahu Akbar’ vs. ‘God Is Great’: AP Got It Wrong And Why It Matters

Kori Ali Muhammad is suspected of fatally shooting three people in Fresno, California. When the police were taking him into custody, he shouted an all-too-familiar phrase in the world of radical Islam.

This is how the Associated Press described what Muhammad said:

“Fresno police say suspect in triple slaying told them he hates white people, shouted ‘God is great’ before killings.”

There’s just one, glaring problem.

The Fresno police chief actually said Muhammad yelled “Allahu Akbar” — not “God is great.”

Paris knife terrorist swore allegiance to ISIS leader before attack

By Thomas Joscelyn | May 13, 2018 | | @thomasjoscelyn\

The terrorist, who reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar,” killed one person and wounded four others with a knife in the Opéra district of Paris. He was then shot and killed by police.

Amaq News quickly claimed responsibility for the operation, saying in a statement that the “attacker who stabbed multiple people in the city of Paris was a soldier of the Islamic State who carried out the operation in response to the call to target coalition nations.” Amaq has employed similar phrasing after a number of operations in the past, repeatedly saying that jihadists were seeking revenge against the anti-ISIS coalition. The Islamic State’s spokesmen and propagandists have repeatedly called for such attacks.

Man Shouts ‘Allah Is Great’ During Knife Attack That Spanish Authorities Are Treating As A Terror Attack

A man who yelled “Allah is great” as he lunged at police officers in Spain was shot dead on Monday in an incident authorities are treating as a terror attack.

The man, not yet identified, entered the police station in Cornella, an area southwest of Barcelona, where he sought to ask for information, Reuters reported.

For Some, ‘Allahu Akbar’ Means Terrorism; Here’s What It Means to Muslims

The suspect in Tuesday’s New York City truck attack reportedly shouted “Allahu Akbar” after the crash

The suspect in Tuesday’s New York City attack shouted “Allahu akbar,” witnesses said, after killing eight people by driving a truck down a bicycle lane near the World Trade Center. The gunmen who struck at the Bataclan concert hall in Paris in 2015 yelled the Arabic phrase, as did the driver of a van who plowed into crowds in Barcelona in August.

The phrase “Allahu akbar” has become almost synonymous with terrorism in American popular culture. But Muslim activists and journalists say the phrase, which translates to “God is great,” should not be associated with terror.

1 dead, 3 injured: Man reportedly shouts ‘Allah is great,’ stabs people at train station near Munich

A man who allegedly killed at least one person and injured three more at a train station in the town of Grafing near Munich, while reportedly shouting “Allahu Akbar,” had no Islamist motive, officials said, adding the suspect won’t stand trial as he has mental health issues.

Heidenreich told AP that the prosecutor’s office was investigating witness reports that claimed the suspect had yelled “Allahu Akbar.”

Later, senior police official Guenther Gietl told media that a woman who witnessed the incident heard the attacker shout “infidel, you must die” at the time of the stabbing

Munich Stabbing Terrorist Attack? Man Shouts ‘Allahu Akbar’ While Knifing Five Civilians, Report Bystanders

Read more:

BREAKING IMAGES: Man shouted “Allah Akbar” before #stabbing 4 at train station in #Grafing, #Munich

— Benjamin Wareing (@goldennike11) May 10, 2016

At 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Grafing train station became the site of the shocking attack. Those who were on the scene have reported that a man began shouting “Allahu Akbar” (or “God is Great”) as the attack was carried out. Authorities have yet to confirm the veracity of this claim or to comment on whether or not the stabbing qualified as terrorism.

I could go on but lets switch phrases!

Terrorist Supporters Storm U.S. Embassy In Baghdad After U.S. Strikes Kill Dozens Of Terrorists

By  Ryan

Hundreds of terrorist supporters stormed the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad on Tuesday after the U.S. killed dozens of terrorists from an Iranian-backed terrorist organization earlier this week.

Shouting “Down, Down USA,” the crowd tried to push inside the embassy grounds, hurling water and stones over its walls. They raised yellow militia flags and taunted the embassy’s security staff who remained behind the glass windows in the gates’ reception area. They sprayed graffiti on the wall and windows in red in support of the Kataeb Hezbollah militia: “Closed in the name of the resistance.”

The U.S. military said “precision defensive strikes” were conducted against five sites of Kataeb Hezbollah, or Hezbollah Brigades in Iraq and Syria. The group, which is a separate force from the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, operates under the umbrella of the state-sanctioned militias known collectively as the Popular Mobilization Forces. Many of them are supported by Iran.

The AP noted that “gunfire” could be heard around the compound and that there were three U.S. soldiers that were on the roof of the facility.

Journalists said that the terrorist supporters shouted “Down, down USA!” and “Death to America” and “Death to Israel.”

This is the picture from this report.


1: This is the US Embassy

2: It is located in Iraq, I would have to guess after recent altercations in Iraq, that this property has been secured by one of our military branches.

3: I would think after recent terrorist activities in or around Iraq by the many branches of terrorist organizations, even more effort would be taken to protect US embassy workers that might come under threat/ and or attack by one or more of these organizations.

4: I would think that it would be suicidal for a group of “terrorist supporters” to storm the embassy, much less in broad daylight

5: When storming US embassies in war torn regions are flags necessary?

6: Standing in a uniform circle

7: I cant be sure, but I think they are using Chinese Huawei products instead of apples Iphone!

8: When you are storming US embassy’s, shouldnt you use paint guns, instead of cans of spray paint?

I will get back to the phrases we see shouted after the 9/11 attacks by “terrorist” world-wide, but lets first compare how this type of activity would be dealt with in the United States, when civilians of this Country take actions that oppose our government. In the below videos, these protesters, were not armed with spray cans of paint as we saw above.