Were Direct Energy Weapons to blame for the California Wildfires?

Firestorm California I

Firestorm California II

Propaganda leading to the Iraq War

Oklahoma City Bombing

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Boston Bombing

Boston Marathon Bombing, the FBI, and ‘Bomb Drills’ – Ben Swann on Reality Check

Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Topics DIA, Boston Marathon Bombing, army intelligence, rob dew, attack, bombing, In this video, you’ll see the great patriot and real journalist Ben Swann break down important FACTS about FBI staged terrorism. FBI/DHS DRILL Staged Boston Marathon Bombing?

Boston People LAUGHING – Blood Added Later – Marathon Bombing Fakery

Topics crisis actors, propaganda, obama,Boston Marathon Bombing, war crimes, indictment, george bush jr, discovery, rob dew, attack, bombing, false flag, government, police, world trade center, WTC-93 bombing, Sandy Hook, batman massacre,controlled explosion, fear, staged terror attacks, terrorstorm, constitution, privacy, bill of rights, psyop, PATCON, history, OKC bombing,NWO, blackwater Xe, obama, suspects, gitmo, martial law, CIA A peek behind the curtains at the staging of America’s latest false-flag attack.  The confidence of the actors to laugh about their “injuries” in public is pretty startling, don’t you think?






Who is “Blackwater (Xe, Craft Intnl.)”, and What The Hell are They Doing Here? (Boston Marathon Bombing, Katrina, etc.)

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