NSA’s surveillance program has joined with the CIA’s modern day Program of MK-Ultra/ Project Monarch. The surveillance of civilians by the many intelligence agencies has focused on innocent civilians that are activist, corporate whistleblowers, or just post information of government crimes on social media. These individuals are then watchlisted by the corrupt FISA courts and they are watch-listed and entered into the Targeted Individual/ Gang Stalking program. As with the WWii program in NAZI Germany of torture, experimentation, and mind control of innocent civilians, these many intelligence agencies then take the same actions as well as committing cyber crime, assaults, rapes, burglaries, robberies, theft, slander, electronic warfare, drugging s, poisonings, institutionalization, internment’s, use of microwave weapons, murder, vehicle tampering, infiltration and manipulation of social accounts, framing for terrorist events in their many exercises and drills, etc. This has resulted in the deaths of many innocent civilians that these agencies have been able to maintain a basic level of silence through the control of and censorship of information on Corporate monopoly sites that fully cooperate with these treasonous actions.

NSA Whistleblower Dennis Montgomery

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Snowden Interview From Russia by the ACLU

by Akaku Maui
Publication date 2015-02-26 Usage Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Topics Hawaii, Kahului, Akaku Maui, Public Access TV, Community Media, PEG, Vimeo, NSA, ACLU, American civil liberties union, spying, whistleblower, interview, russia, akaku, citizen four, 2015 Language English The ACLU of Hawaii presents a rare and provocative public discussion at the Davis Levin First Amendment Conference (“Conference”) taking place on Saturday, February 14th in Honolulu, Hawai‘i. Edward Snowden, known for his release of sensitive government documents will be video-streaming from Moscow to lead this discussion focusing on government surveillance and the rights of private citizens.