The below videos I am still looking through, although we are aware of Josef Mengeles experimentation as well as the CIA’s involvement in Project Monarch, MK Ultra, the Targeting of activist throughout history, as well as their involvement with the many intelligence agencies that are now targeting activist whistle-blowers as well as civilians, I can not atest to the reliability of the below videos as they are part of my ongoing research into these many crimes.

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All RegionsSafe Search: ModerateAny TimeVideos8:14Guantanamo Bay, Mind Control, Brain Washing Torture, MKUltra37K viewsYouTube10:52Brain Washing, Mind Control, Torture, Guantanamo, Mk Ultra66K viewsYouTube1:07guantanamo bay mind control118 viewsYouTube8:10Guantanamo Bay, Mind Control, Brain Washing Torture, MKUltra3.3K viewsDailymotion16:07CIA Mind Control Secrets Interrogation Techniques Torture Weapons Colin Ross…571 viewsYouTube3:49Guantanamo WORLD Control system Torture Mundial211 viewsYouTube4:11Against Use of Psychotronic (Mind/Body Control) Weapons. Protest in T…1.6K viewsYouTube8:24Propaganda, Black Public Relations & Mind Control Report Part 166K viewsYouTube10:47MK Ultra, CIA Mind Control & Brain Washing to Make Assassins23 viewsDailymotion2:56The CIA Doctors: Psychiatry & Mind Control28K viewsDailymotionMore Videos

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Guantanamo Bay Mind Control Brain Washing Torture MKUltra Bay MindControl Brain Washing Torture MKUltra

Is The Government Still Running A Mind Control … – YouTube MK-ULTRA was a top secret and illegal mindcontrol and torture program developed and practiced by the CIA from the 1950s. … But evidence from the First Gulf War and Guantanamo Bay …

Sex, Drugs, Mind Control, and Gitmo (July 6, 2005) another humdrum day at Guantanamo Bay? There is a well-documented, historical convergence of psychological torture and sexual tactics by the CIA and other clandestine organizations — classic tactics of mindcontrol, from the lowliest cult to the high-level, government sanctioned creation of “Manchurian Candidates.”

Propaganda, Black Public Relations & Mind Control Report …, Black Public Relations & MindControl Report Part 1 … MindControl Hate Propaganda, Hate Speech & Crime, Black PR … MindControl, Torture, Guantanamo, Mk Ultra – Duration: …

The C.I.A. Mind Control Doctors | CCHR International CIA MindControl Doctors: From Harvard to Guantanamo My book, The C.I.A. Doctors, is based on 15,000 pages of documents I received from the CIA through the Freedom of Information Act and dozens of papers published in medical journals.

Propaganda, Black Public Relations & Mind Control Report 2 …, Black Public Relations & MindControl Report Part 2 Part two in a series covering propaganda; the history of propaganda, the origin of word propaganda, what propaganda is, how it used …

Guantanamo Bay detention camp – Wikipedia Guantanamo Bay detention camp is a United States military prison located within Guantanamo Bay Naval Base, also referred to as Guantánamo, G-Bay, GTMO, and Gitmo (/ ˈ ɡ ɪ t m oʊ /), which is on the coast of Guantánamo Bay in Cuba.

Torture Methods With Sound: How Pure Noise Can Be Used To …, a British legal action charity that provides legal representation for Guantanamo Bay prisoners, launched the Zero dB (against music torture) initiative in 2008 to persuade musicians into standing up against the U.S. military and central intelligence agencies (CIA) use of their music as a torture device.

From The Clash to Britney Spears – the pop songs used in … The Clash to Britney Spears – the pop songs used in torture Rock music has long prided itself as an anti-establishment sound, but it has its uses in the military world too

Malaria and Mind Control: MK-ULTRA and the Guantanamo and MindControl: MK-ULTRA and the Guantanamo Connection. Aug 8, 2013 Source: In last week’s edition of The Micah Hanks Radio Program, the topic of modern mindcontrol and MKULTRA-style conditioning programs became the front focus.

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US Injected Gitmo Detainees With ‘Mind Altering’ Drugs – › 2012/07 › gitmo
Jul 11, 2012 – … center at Guantanamo Bay were forcibly given “mind altering drugs,” … control serious mental illnesses,” and that the practice was approved …
Guantánamo’s Darkest Secret | The New › 2019/04/22 › guantanamos-darkest-secret
Apr 22, 2019 – In 2004, Steve Wood was deployed to Guantánamo Bay, as a member of … “I just remember being super excited, because I thought, I’m going to be … with rival Islamist groups vying for control, and Salahi wanted no part of it.
Guantanamo Bay, Mind Control, Brain Washing Torture … › watch
Jul 28, 2008 – Click MORE INFO for related VIDEO LINKS Be My Friend Guantanamo Bay, Mind Control, Brain Washing …
mind control experiments at Guantanamo Bay | The Real … › tag › mind-control-experiments-…
Translate this pageBoth Lee Harvey Oswald and Timothy J. McVeigh were mindcontrolled subjects, and so may be the next one. By LUIS MIRANDA | THE REAL AGENDA | JULY …
How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds – The New … › 2016/10/09 › world › cia-torture-guantanamo-bay
Oct 9, 2016 – Those treating prisoners at Guantánamo for mental health issues typically did … temperatures harmed military trainees in controlled scenarios.
Gitmo: Psychologists and Torture – › gitmo-psychologists-and-torture-92349
Oct 17, 2008 – … defense or intelligence officials wanted better mindcontrol methods, … Since 9/11 military and civilian psychologists at Guantánamo Bay and …
Scottish doctor’s cruel Guantanamo Bay legacy | The › News › Politics
Mar 2, 2019 – The legacy of a Scottish psychiatrist whose mind control experiments were covertly sponsored by the CIA and later used against political …
How a Brit doctor created CIA torture techniques with sick … › news › how-a-brit-doctor-created-cia-torture-techni…
Feb 17, 2020 – Dr Ewen Cameron pioneered mind control techniques for the CIA in the … of torture methods that are still used to this day in Guantanamo Bay.
Torture Techniques at Guantánamo: “Communist Inspired … › torture_part_1-en
Jul 27, 2008 – Part 1: Mad Scientists and Criminal Laboratories … The aim of this project was to research “mindcontroland the use of drugs, i.e. “chemical …

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Enhanced interrogation techniques – › wiki › Enhanced_interrogation_techniques
And Salon stated: A March 22, 2005, sworn statement by the former chief of the Interrogation Control Element at Guantánamo said instructors from SERE also …


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